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Hi Jimmy! I have a 2014 Ram Tradesman HD that I bought an 8ft 2021 bed for. How can I get my tail lights and tailgate working properly, I am willing to splice if needed but would prefer to buy connectors. The truck is set up for back up cam in rear view mirror. Not looking to spend tons of cash but willing to buy needed parts. Any advice helps and let me know if you need more info. I appreciate your help!!
Nano Ceramic Tint completed. PPF completed for the whole truck. Blackvue Dash Cam installed. I just need to drive it now.


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Mine looks the same, except it's the Laramie with black leather & suede, and have the 4.10 ratio 4x4. I have just broke 5,000 miles & since new July 3rd,2023, my overall mpg is sitting at 16.1mpg but I've actually had it up to 18mpg freeway driving but once off the freeway all the starting and stopping it drops to around 15.0 around town!!! But that's pretty good for a big heavy duty truck like this!!!
WJ-Ram 3 Limited DRW HO
WJ-Ram 3 Limited DRW HO
Laramie with black leather & suede will match up greatly with your exterior. You do have the exact same set up as mine. Your mpg is what I should get once I am done setting up the car and 12" display while idling. I will be happy with 16 mpg/ and 18 mpg on freeway driving. Yes, it is is big truck and HO 6.7 is lovely. I pretty much got all done with few minor tasks
WJ-Ram 3 Limited DRW HO
WJ-Ram 3 Limited DRW HO
Full body SunTek 12 Year Premium Tint completed. I was told to remove the PPF in about 8th year and just redo the front full hood during that time. If left on too long, film must be scraped off from small pc breakage.. Well. . I am just now enjoying the daily driving.


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