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Still waiting on my Power Wagon.
Ordered 2-26-22
Build Completed 5-18-22
Shipping still TBD as of today, 9-14-22
So it’s sitting somewhere in Mexico. NOBODY can or will tell me anything. Nobody cares all the way up to Stellantis.

Amazon can tell me where a $10 package is every step of the way. Stellantis can’t tell me where my $80,000 truck is??? Not even what Country??? That‘s just wrong…….
Truck has been built as of August 20, 2022. Was supposed to have a ship date on August 22. The dealer said it has been delayed, and no eta on it. Wish they could find out why it is delayed.
I ordered a 2022 3500 Big Horn on 6-21-2022 was told it should be hear in 8 to 12 weeks got von #. And vin asked to find out where is my truck couldn’t get any answers not very happy