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Hello Jimmy. I have a 2019 2500 with surround view and I had the dealer add the trailer camera sales code QFX but I dont have the trailer camera icon on any of my camera screens. Do you know if I can add it using alfaobd? I see it listed for a 2020 but not a 2019 and I did want to try it without talking to someone smarter than me . Thank you
Hi Jimmy, on a 2022 Ram 2500 Big Horn with the tow prep package with 5th wheel prep. No 360 surround cameras. I purchased a gooseneck trailer that came with 4 mopar surround cameras on board and the digital mirror camera as well. I am hoping since I do not have the 12 pin on board that there is a way I can purchase a few components and get this camera system working in my truck? -Mike
Hello, I had posted recently concerning transmission fluid change intervals. We tow a 5th wheel trailer part time, so far about 10K miles of the total of 44K on the truck. It is a '21 Laramie 3500 Cummins and not the HO version. It also has the standard transmission and not the Aisin.
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I also tow a 5er, Change the tanny filter and fluid, do not flush just what drains at 60K. I also have the 68RFE trans. No issues so far at 88K miles.
RamCares does not provide technical advice. They are a social media team to liaise with your dealer if needed.
Hi all. 2024 Bighorn SRW 3500 . Ordered 4/24 scheduled 4/30 production 5/13. Also received text saying expected delivery date 7/25. Anyone seeing 2 month time frame. Seems like a big gap. Ordered a 2022 in December of 21 and it was on the lot in 8 weeks. Any thoughts?