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I have a 3500 ordered from MD and the distance to ship is about the same as your truck. What was the shipping cost to your area? I am on the fence about picking it up or having it shipped. Thanks!
mine was shipped on 5/1/22 3c6ur5cj7ng308348 salesman expects it to take to 6/15/22 to get to New Hampshire curious if I could track it like other people have Thanks!
Hey man, I ordered a set of PE door harnesses from you a few weeks back. I finally got around to installing and wouldn't you know... I broke one of the pins on the passenger side harness. Can you tell me where/how I can get another pin? It's the wire labeled 4C on the passenger side harness? If I can get a part number of link I would be grateful. 2022 RAM 2500 Thanks.
Hi, I was just wondering where u ordered from? I'm below u on the spreed sheet. Because 2/7 Gunfighter #1143 ordered the same time we did and he already took delivery.