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  • Hello Jimmy, Do you know where i can source radio upgrade harnesses?, i.e for 8.4 & 12" upgrades in 1500's
    Hello Jimmy, I have just bought a ram built to serve edition, equipped with 8.4 uconnect 5, what are the parts needed for a 12 inch screen swap. Thanks
    Hi Jimmy! I have a 2014 Ram Tradesman HD that I bought an 8ft 2021 bed for. How can I get my tail lights and tailgate working properly, I am willing to splice if needed but would prefer to buy connectors. The truck is set up for back up cam in rear view mirror. Not looking to spend tons of cash but willing to buy needed parts. Any advice helps and let me know if you need more info. I appreciate your help!!
    Jimmy your idea for that harness for my Laramie parking lights I’d great, please make it up and however you want payment let me know
    thanks Tommy
    I hear you're the guy to talk to you about wiring harnesses. I was hoping you can quote me on a front parksense harness with a little extra length to accommodate my AEV front bumper for my 2023 Ram 3500 Tradesman. thx
    Hi Jimmiy I’m doing a 8.4 swap to 12 screen.
    I have a 2022 2500 8.4 no nav the donor truck
    WAs a 2021 2500 12” screen with nav and module from the same truck
    Can you set me up with the correct harness ?
    What else will I need ?
    My email address [mod redacted]
    hello Jimmiy. It was so helpful that you uploaded firmware by usb. Is there any way to get the link of fca-my22.s24.18-prod?
    If it is OK, can u share the link or teach me how to get it? Thanks a lot!
    my email : hhj0224@gmail.com
    hola jimmy queria saber si me podrias ayudar a instalar el sistema BLIND SPOT para mi ram 1500 2020 y si tu fabricas los arneses me los puedes vender (perdon mi ingles es una traduccion de google que uso) este es mi correo
    Hey man, I ordered a set of PE door harnesses from you a few weeks back. I finally got around to installing and wouldn't you know... I broke one of the pins on the passenger side harness. Can you tell me where/how I can get another pin? It's the wire labeled 4C on the passenger side harness? If I can get a part number of link I would be grateful. 2022 RAM 2500 Thanks.
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