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This Guy Bought A Wrecked Cummins-Powered 2019 Ram 2500 Big Horn:

YouTuber Looks To Fix Up His Auction Bought Ram 2500...

One of our favorite trucks of the past year has to be the updated 2019 Ram 2500 equipped with the 6.7-liter Cummins turbo diesel. But what happens when you can’t afford a brand new truck and are mechanically inclined? You check out the local car auction sites and find a damaged one with low miles!

Westen Champlin and his wrecked Cummins-powered 2019 Ram 2500 Big Horn. (Westen Champlin).

A YouTuber named Westen Champlin has had an interesting YouTube channel, especially if you are a diesel fan. He has rebuilt such vehicles as a Peterbilt 387 semi-truck, Cummins powertrain swapped a $5,000 junked 2010 Ford F-350, and many other projects. But his latest project truck caught our eye instantly, a Cummins-powered 2019 Ram 2500 Big Horn Crew Cab 4×4

The truck only has passenger-side damage, but seemed enough to total the truck out to the local junkyard. So Westen and his friends, are putting the truck back together. Because the new 2019 Ram Heavy Duty pickups are so new still, we haven’t been able to see many videos about do it yourself (DIY) videos on the updated 4.5 generation Ram Heavy Duty pickups.

With some slapstick comedy, the videos are totally entertaining to watch. Westen has released his first two videos about the truck and there is still more to come. 

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