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RAM Brazil Break Sales Records In Five Hours With Launch Of Ram 3500!

Trio Of Ram 3500 Models, Shows Luxury 1-Ton Pickups Can Find Success In Brazil...

After RAM opened its ordering bank for the Ram 3500 in Brazil last Thursday, March 24th, at 6:00 p.m., it broke all of the brand’s opening day sales records with 1,109 units ordered. The claim came only 5 hours after-sales banks had opened for the strongest, most capable, most technological, and luxurious pickup to ever go on sale in Brazil. There were almost 4 orders per minute for the 1-ton pickup, in the initial 5 hours of ordering.

Brazil-Spec 2022 Ram 3500 Limited Longhorn Crew Cab 4×4. (Ram).

For comparison, in December 2020, RAM Brazil opened ordering for the initial 100 units of the 2021 Ram 1500 Rebel. It only took about 18 hours for those units to be spoken for. Then in May 2021, RAM Brazil opened its ordering bank for another 100 units of its limited edition 2021 Ram 2500 Laramie Rodeo. Those limited-edition units sold out just 10 hours after ordering opened.

Brazil-Spec 2022 Ram 3500 Limited Longhorn Crew Cab 4×4. (Ram).

Compared to previous model launches, RAM Brazil allowed the Ram 3500 to be launched with three different trim levels (Laramie, Laramie Night Edition, and Limited Longhorn). While the Laramie and Laramie Night Edition trims are already part of the lineup for the Ram 2500 in Brazil, the addition of the Limited Longhorn, makes the Ram 3500 the most luxurious pickup ever available to the market.

Brazil-Spec 2022 Ram 3500 Limited Longhorn Crew Cab 4×4. (Ram).

At the heart of the Ram 3500, is the iconic 6.7-liter Cummins turbodiesel inline-six-cylinder engine. The engine produces 377 horsepower @ 2,800 rpm, the highest power among all diesel pickups in Brazil (12 more than the Ram 2500). Even more impressive is its torque rating of 1,150 Nm (845 ft.-lbs.) of torque @ 1,700 rpm, a record number in the segment (65 Nm or 48 ft.-lbs. more than the Ram 2500). Unlike 2500, the Ram 3500 has the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system, which uses Arla 32 (also known as DEF in North America) to treat exhaust gases and reduce pollutant emissions.

Brazil-Spec 2022 Ram 3500 Laramie Night Edition Crew Cab 4×4. (Ram).

Pricing for the Ram 3500 begins at R$ 484,990 (or about $102,250 USD) for the Laramie, R$ 509,990 (or about $107,520 USD) for the sporty Laramie Night Edition, and R$ 529,990 (or about $111,735 USD) for the luxurious Limited Longhorn. 

Brazil-Spec 2022 Ram 3500 Limited Longhorn Crew Cab 4×4. (Ram).

“This was another launch in which reality far exceeded our expectations,” says Breno Kamei, Director for RAM South America. “The Ram 3500 is yet another materialization of the brand’s consolidation process in Brazil so that we can continue at a strong pace of growth, which has been going on since 2020.”

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