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SALES BATTLE: Ram Versus The Competition Through Q1 Of 2022!

Full-Sized Pickup Sales Hit Hard Through Q1 Of This Year...

A continued semiconductor shortage and record-high gas prices across the United States have created the perfect storm to adversely affect the full-sized pickup market. During the Q1 2022 period, full-sized pickup sales have fallen from 566,851 to just 472,288 units across all manufacturers, a decrease of 16.7%.

2022 Ram 1500 TRX. (Ram).

As expected Ford F-Series continues to lead the sales race, although they have been the hardest hit. During Q1 2022, Ford sold 140,701 F-Series pickups (a decline of 31% over Q1 2021). Ram continues to hold the second-place spot, despite being down 15% over Q1 of 2021 with 127,116 Ram pickups sold. Chevrolet sold 118,796 Silverado pickups during the Q1 period, living them in the third-place spot (a decline of 4.7% over last year’s performance). Its General Motors counterpart, the GMC Sierra placed fourth with just 55,617 pickups sold (down 10% over the same time last year).

2022 Ram 2500 Power Wagon Level 3. (Ram).

Toyota bucked the trend with the launch of their all-new Tundra and was the only automaker to increase sales in the full-size truck segment during Q1 2022. Toyota sold 22,643 Tundras in that time, an increase of 18.3% over its Q1 2021 performance when they sold 19,134 units. As usual, Nissan brings up the rear with its Titan, which sold 6,415 units during Q1 (a decrease of 15.1% over Q1 2021).

  Q1 2022 Q1 2021 % Change
Ford F-Series 140,701 203,797 -31.00%
Ram Trucks 127,116 148,836 -15.00%
Chevrolet Silverado 118,796 124,704 -4.70%
GMC Sierra 56,617 62,917 -10.00%
Toyota Tundra 22,643 19,134 18.30%
Nissan Titan 6,415 7,463 -15.10%
Total Sales 472,288 566,851 -16.70%


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