Stellantis Facing New Car Inventory Challenges For Dec. 2023

Ram 2500 Leads The List With Almost A 784-Day Supply...

In the dynamic landscape of the automotive industry, Stellantis is navigating a challenging phase as the close of December 2023 unveils a significant inventory surplus across various models within its portfolio.‘s latest data sheds light on the notable presence of Stellantis vehicles in the top-10 list of new cars with the highest inventory supply.

Ram 2500 Rebel Crew Cab 4×4. (Ram).

The Ram 2500, a stalwart in the pickup segment, is at the forefront of this inventory surplus. Despite its reputation for robust performance and versatility, the Ram 2500 is confronted with an unexpected challenge, sporting a concerning 784-day supply. With 1,602 units awaiting owners and a recent sale rate of 92 units over 45 days, this surplus signals a potential disconnect between market demand and supply dynamics.

Dodge Hornet GT Plus Blacktop AWD in Gray Cray. (Dodge).

Adding to the roster, the Dodge Hornet, a compact SUV from Stellantis, emerges with a substantial 517-day supply. Despite its relatively lower average selling price compared to its counterparts in the top-10 list, the Hornet grapples with sluggish sales, having moved only 939 units in the past 45 days.

Dodge Challenger SRT Black Ghost. (Dodge).

Within the Stellantis lineup, the trio of L-series cars—Dodge Charger, Dodge Challenger, and Chrysler 300—also faces inventory challenges. The Charger commands a 424-day supply, the Challenger sits at 362 days, and the Chrysler 300 follows suit with a 339-day supply. Despite their distinctive appeal and varied price ranges, these models witness a gap between supply and demand, reflected in the sales figures over the past 45 days.

Make Model Market Day Supply Average Selling Price Total For Sale Total Sold (45 Days)
Ram Ram 2500 784 $69,408 1,602 92
Dodge Hornet 517 $39,931 10,781 939
Dodge Charger 424 $46,687 33,463 3,549
Dodge Challenger 362 $53,954 25,807 3,205
Ford Mustang Mach-E 358 $57,114 25,430 3,200
Jaguar F-Type 356 $99,450 657 83
Chrysler 300 339 $43,761 5,322 707
Mercedes-Benz SL 319 $166,665 1,027 145
Jeep® Cherokee 301 $36,654 2,351 351
Maserati Levante 288 $104,112 864 135

Moreover, the discontinued Jeep® Cherokee continues to linger in the inventory landscape, showcasing a 301-day supply despite ceasing production in February. With a noticeable gap between available units and recent sales, this model epitomizes the complexities of managing discontinued inventory within the market.

Jeep® Cherokee Trailhawk. (Jeep).

Rounding off the list, the Maserati Levante, adorned with luxury and a premium price tag, sustains a 288-day supply. Despite its higher transaction price, the Levante faces similar challenges in finding traction in the current market, with 135 units sold over the past 45 days.

Maserati Levante MC Edition in Giallo Corse. (Maserati).

The prominence of Stellantis vehicles within this inventory scenario underscores broader challenges facing the automotive industry. Factors such as high interest rates, dealer markups, and evolving consumer preferences contribute to the intricate balance of supply and demand dynamics.

Stellantis, like many automotive manufacturers, grapples with aligning production volumes with market needs, striving to navigate a landscape where consumer expectations and economic conditions fluctuate. As Stellantis navigates this phase, it remains to be seen how strategic adjustments and market initiatives will address the inventory challenges highlighted by the December 2023 data, shaping the company’s trajectory in the months ahead.

Source: CarEdge

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