Study Shows Ram Truck Drivers Are The Worst On The Road

Ram Drivers Also Hold The Second Highest DUI Rates...

A recent comprehensive analysis conducted by LendingTree delved into the driving behaviors across various auto brands, shedding light on incident rates, including accidents, DUIs, speeding, and citations. The findings unveiled interesting insights into the association between certain brands and driving behaviors without attributing causation to the manufacturers.

Between November 14th, 2022, and November 14th, 2023, LendingTree scrutinized tens of millions of QuoteWizard by LendingTree insurance quotes to discern incident rates per 1,000 drivers. Among the 30 brands scrutinized, Ram emerged with the highest incidence rate, recording 32.90 incidents per 1,000 drivers. This places Ram drivers at the forefront, followed closely by Tesla with 31.13 incidents and Subaru with 30.09.

2024 Ram 1500 Rebel Crew Cab 4×4. (Ram).

Breaking down the data further, it’s notable that Tesla drivers reported the highest accident rates, trailed closely by Ram and Subaru. In another facet, BMW drivers stood out for having the highest DUI rates, nearly doubling the incidents recorded by the second-closest brand, Ram.

Remarkably, the study highlighted that Ram drivers exhibited more speeding incidents than other brands. The swift acceleration capabilities of the Ram 1500 were speculated to have contributed to this trend, as noted by LendingTree.

The top-10 brands in the study…

  1. Ram
  2. Tesla
  3. Subaru
  4. Volkswagen
  5. Mazda
  6. BMW
  7. Lexus
  8. Infiniti
  9. Hyundai
  10. Toyota

Interestingly, the study also unveiled surprising insights into defunct brands. Despite being out of business for over a decade, Mercury topped the chart for the safest drivers. At the same time, Pontiac and Saturn, both discontinued brands, secured the second and third spots, respectively. This might be attributed to the reduced frequency of driving these vehicles or fewer insurance claims being filed for them.

2024 Ram 2500 Rebel Level 2 Crew Cab 4×4. (Ram).

Beyond the intriguing findings for meme potential, the study underscores the real-world implications of poor driving habits and their impact on insurance rates. DUIs or repeat traffic offenses can lead to the revocation of one’s license and the potential termination of one’s insurance policy. It’s important to note that while the study highlights associations between brands and driving incidents, an individual’s driving behavior remains a more significant factor influencing insurance rates. Clients with higher risk typically incur higher insurance premiums than those with a clean driving record.

The data provided by LendingTree offers a comprehensive overview of driving incidents associated with various auto brands. While these findings are intriguing, it’s crucial to interpret them as correlations rather than establishing direct causation between the brands and driving behaviors. Understanding these trends can assist in promoting safer driving practices and fostering awareness among drivers across all automobile brands.

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