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SPIED: 2019 Ram Heavy Duty Caught Testing:

Fourth Generation Ram Gets One Last Refresh...

Spy photographers 

Have caught the refreshed 2019 Ram HD’s on the streets of Auburn Hills. The 4th Generation Ram heavy duties will be sticking around until model year 2021 where it will be replaced by the 5th Generation HD’s after the plant shuffle. 

2019 Ram HD
2019 Ram Heavy Duty Prototype. (5thGenRams).

Under the camouflaged front end we can see the grille crosshairs have been made thinner with possibly a different bumper. We have also heard rumours that the 2019 Ram HD’s will get a hood scoop similar to what is seen on the 2017+ GM heavy duty trucks. It is unknown at this time if there will be any powertrain updates for the refresh, we do know that Cummins has been testing Ram HD’s with  covered front ends for about 2 years now. It’s likely that Cummins is working on a new Diesel for the Ram Heavy Duties but there is a good chance that it won’t be released until the 5th Generation HD’s debut. In a move that should make a lot of people happy, insiders tell us that we can expect the manual transmission option to remain with the Cummins diesel. 

2019 Ram heavy duty
2019 Ram Heavy Duty Prototype. (5thGenRams).

This Camouflaged Heavy Duty was also caught with what appears to be the RAM grille with a bunch of camo and foam padding to make the front end appear taller than it is. Looking through the front end mesh the grille looks bigger than current models but we are unsure whether that is the case or just a visual effect from the camo. This truck and a few others that were spied are registered to Automotive Test Services USDOT# 2270521 which is owned by FCA U.S.

We will have more details on the refreshed 2019 Ram HD’s as well as the 2021 5th Generation Ram HD’s as they become available..

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