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Reimagining If Ram Returned To Class 8 Semi-Truck Production

Dodge Had Some Pretty Unique Medium- and Heavy-Duty Offerings Over The Years...

Ram Trucks was established in 2009 as a spin-off brand from Dodge, focusing on trucks and commercial vehicles to target those segments and provide a unique marketing approach. At the time, Ram continued producing pickup trucks like the Ram 1500, Ram Heavy Duty, Ram Heavy Duty Chassis Cab, and the midsize Dakota. However, Ram management expressed interest in expanding the brand, especially in the commercial sector.

Dodge LCF Ad From A Brochure. 

Former Ram CEO Fred Diaz mentioned in 2009, “We are considering entering the Class 8 market, which includes the 18-wheelers you see out there.” At the time, Fiat, which managed the Chrysler Group before the formation of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), owned Iveco, a global producer of commercial trucks. This made it plausible for Ram to consider leveraging Iveco’s products for its expansion plans. However, despite discussions, no concrete developments occurred.

Many younger people might not know that Dodge once manufactured medium-duty and heavy-duty commercial trucks such as the Low Cab Forward (LCF) or C-Series, L-Series tilt cab trucks, and the powerful Bighorn. Chrysler’s financial issues in the late 1970s led to the discontinuation of these trucks to save cash.

Ram Class 8 Semi Truck Design.

As Ram has grown into a significant brand within the Stellantis portfolio, there has been speculation about whether Ram could ever return to the larger truck market. Nevertheless, several factors could hinder this endeavor. One issue is the dealer network’s understanding of the needs of semi-truck operators. While some Ram dealerships have commercial truck centers, building dedicated facilities for servicing and repairing these vehicles would require substantial capital investment. Despite these challenges, Ram’s extensive dealer network in North America could be leveraged to capitalize on the market if a solution is found.

Given its partnership with Cummins, vast established dealer network, and brand recognition, it couldn’t be totally out of the question.

Ram Class 8 Semi Truck Design.

Using Photoshop programs, we have created several designs to show what such a vehicle could look like in today’s marketplace. The uniquely generated designs incorporated several Ram Truck styling elements to the exterior and interior ideas for a Class 8 tractor. Given Ram Trucks’ use of “big-rig” styling elements over the past 30 years, envisioning these ideas on the road is captivating.

So what do you think? Should Ram enter the Class 8 segment? Let us know in the comments below.

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