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Has anyone added the Magnaflow exhaust to their Gen 4.5 Hemi?


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Jul 20, 2021
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My 2016 6.4 I chopped the resonator off and installed a tip. I’d like to do something different with my PW. I’m thinking of doing what I did on my Jeep Commander years ago… Running a true dual set up into a large Flowmaster 50 that has an internal crossover into a single 3.5” out the rear. The true duals after cats is desirable since that the choking point on our factory exhaust and should yield some results, the large muffler will improve sound without creating drone. I’m unsure the packaging but it should be relatively easy for an exhaust shop to handle. I don’t love the sound of majority of the systems other than MBRP and the drone reported is not what I want

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