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John Jensen
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  • You'll see them on the What's New page or drop down.


    Someone is either posting on your profile or tagging you in a profile post on their profile. It's like a less useful Facebook wall and these are all public.



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    Hi John. I noticed your familiar face coming from the EcoDiesel forum. I just upgraded to a 2020 HO/Aisin myself and read that you are using Calibrated Power's intact tune. Having come from GDE on my 1500, I am hoping for a similar performance experience. Given the nature of our background, I would appreciate your feedback. Thanks!
    Apologies, you would think someone like myself who works in IT would figure out how to PM a member. But I am still at a loss on this forum. Where's the "how-to" page?
    John Jensen
    John Jensen
    Thanks for the very complete answer. I had no idea as I've never explored that area. New profile posts seems to serve no purpose, I wonder why it's there.

    No problem at this end, in fact I've learned something. Whenever I want to send a private message I click on the member's picture or icon and up pops, Follow, Ignore or start conversation
    @CJWINDING As a mod I don't even know how much of this works, I find things by trial and error. Also an enterprise IT guy for going on 41 years. I do cruise the XenForo (software here) forums to find answers often. Unfortunately I do not have that level of access to disable the feature.
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