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Adding Lockable Storage To Our Ram Trucks With Tuffy Security Products:

Secure Your Valuables With High Quality, Easy To Install Products From Tuffy

It’s a feeling a lot of us, unfortunately, know all too well. You walk out to your vehicle and see a smashed window or an open door and your heart sinks, wondering what valuables were stolen from your vehicle. It’s a reality that both myself and co-editor Robert Miller faced earlier this year with both of our trucks, so when our friends at Tuffy Products offered to send us some of their lockable storage products for our Rams we jumped at the opportunity. 

Tuffy Lockable Ram Bin Lid (5thgenrams)

Tuffy makes a variety of high quality, powder-coated steel, lockable storage solutions for your favorite pickup. For my 2016 Ram 1500, we added the lockable console safe, along with the lockable Ram bin lids. On Roberts 2019 Ram 1500 that we use as a long term test truck he added Tuffys lockable under-seat storage bin.  While the console safe and Ram bin lids were installed on my 4th gen truck, the Ram bin lids are the same for the 2019+ Ram Heavy Duties, and Tuffy does make a console safe for the 2019+ Ram 1500 and Heavy Duty pickups as well., along with lockable Ram bin lids for the 2019+ Ram 1500. 

Overall both I and Robert are very impressed with the products that Tuffy sent out to us. All of the products are of high quality, easy to install and add another layer of security for items left in the vehicle. Check out the video above for more on the installation and our thoughts on the products.

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