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Truck calling 911 and problems with warranty work


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May 10, 2021
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So I bought a used 2018 ram 2500 6.7 Laramie everything but nav and sunroof. I knew about the screen delam. Before I bought the truck but radio worked awesome. (I purchased a Mopar maximum care warranty at time of purchase). I Started having problems with it switching radio stations always hearing a touch beep to changing settings calling random people and even calling 911 while my phone was Bluetooth up. I did start to have a delamination of the screen so I took it to my local dealer and got a diag because some people had had issues with that but because of an update. They gave me cost without warrenty and a claim was put in also on my new warranty when I decide to switch since it was way better for my money and I got denied and said go back to the old warranty. So I called the dealership and told them they had to start the claim that was about 3 weeks or more ago (5/10) I called them 1 week after the first call and they said it hasn't gotten approved so I wait a week again and call and was told I'd get a call back and never did. I waited another week with no answer so I called and was told they will call me back and they never did I called the next day and got told the same, I then called the sales manager/head mangers and he said he'd make sure they'd give me a call the following Monday well its been Monday with them now 15 mins to closing and still no call. Does anyone know how I can get a claim pushed through to fca or the process of trying to get the right diag paperwork to take to another dealership to start the process without having to pay another diag fee. This is my first newer truck so any help would be awesome!

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