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Trailer wiring, when it goes bad.


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Nov 21, 2018
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Central Pennsylvania
So. Here is the Deal. Last year I used a uhaul trailer to haul my old K car wagon to the junkyard. Every since then my trailer lights have not worked. The issue probably most likely coincides with towing our old pop up from our camp.

Anyways. I have checked all fuses. All are fine. I obviously have a break somewhere along the wire loom, as my 12 v + is not working either.

But here is my question. Thought I would be smooth and just run a wire from my license plate lights. Well, they just shut off when i hook the trailer up. When I cycle the key they come back on.

So I figured I would try the 3 wires that are at the back of the truck. One is power constant, one is power keyed and one is brake lights. Well, I can not get power to any of them. I believe they are for the auxiliary switches..but I do not have them.

So my final question is. Can I just wire these to the taillights? Which is what i attempted with the license plate lights. Or will the taillights just shut off too?

So much easier on the 99...just wire it to the function and go. Seems the 2015 is too smart for me lol.

Any help will be appreciated. I know I should just fix the problem, and i will, I just need a fix for this weeks camping trip til I get the time.

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