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Led headlights swap, cargo bed lights


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Mar 3, 2024
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Looking for information on swapping headlights on my 24 big horn 2500.

I currently don’t have the LED package on this and would really like some
Brighter lights .

Also does
Anyone have a pictures of were the bed light plugs are in the harness,

If my truck has them from the factory
Feb 4, 2023
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What information are you loking for?

The standard Laramie LED lights will plug into the harness, but you need to reprogram the BCM to make them work. Easy with AlfaOBD.

Or are you looking for instructions on how to take the grille out to get to the headlights??

The Limited Adaptive LED headlights require an adapter harness and a bit more reprogramming, as you need steering angle and CAN and LIN bus to the headlights, etc.

As to the bedlights, if your truck is prepped for them, the connectors would be on the second last cross brace on the bed, where the taillight wiring comes down. If it has the connectors with the caps on them, simply install the bed lights, take the caps off and plug them in. If not, get the entire bad light kit and run them as per the instructions to under the dash.

My 2022 Laramie did not come with the bed lights and despite the high trim level and my hopes of having the truck pre-wired for them, it is not. So I also will have to run the entire harness to under the dash to make them work.

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