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Flashing ABS light and ESC light


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Nov 13, 2023
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Hello all,
I’m rebuilding a 2019 2500 after I purchased the truck from an auto auction, last week I removed the dashboard to put in a new one because of a blown passenger airbag. After I started the truck I noticed the ESC message along with the service trailer brake message.
Last night I tried to reset my abs module with the jscan app and now I have a flashing abs light and the ESC light is still on.
Kinda frustrated because now I have more problems than I started with lol. I attached a picture of what the problem codes are from doing a scan.

On a side note, I had my seatbelts rebuilt and I put in a new srs module from a donor truck and attached are the pictures from the srs module read out. Does that mean that the passenger seat belt isn’t rebuilt right and can someone tell me what the frontal sequib is ?

Thanks all!!


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Nov 29, 2020
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Right behind you
For the abs/esc/trailer brake... I'm not sure about jscan but in alfaobd you have to run a couple separate procedures in specific order to properly initialize the brake automation systems (see attached)
As far as the squibs... B0012-13 looks like the front left seat SRS and along with C006A-54, assuming everything is replaced and the harness wiring is good would require a SRS verification test (not sure if jscan has this) also attached is an old TSB that might help. Note the tsb is not for your specific vehicle so I wouldn't use for wiring reference but does show how to re-initialize the system which might be all you need.
Obviously caution must be taken when checking SRS harness for continuity ie disconnect battery


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