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    First Tow with New 3500

    What does the paperwork show the problem is? Is this a TSB, if so what number. My dealer says I have all the latest software updates.
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    First Tow with New 3500

    You need a good bit of weight in the bed to get the lowering option to work on the 3500 because of the leaf springs. It won’t lower so you can back under a trailer like the 2500 will but it is good for getting the camper level when towing. I am not sure it is a useful option on the 3500 but it...
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    Cab noise.

    I had an ‘18 regular cab SLT with the Hemi. When it was cold, below 0*F it had the tick very loud. After about 20 seconds it went away. I now have a ‘19 Longhorn, much better insulated than an SLT, with the Cummins. The ‘19s have hydraulic lifters instead of solid and a number of other...
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    2019 tires

    Save the $245 and get some decent tires after you get the truck.
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    Stealth Module

    I see no reason for the ‘19 model year to act any different than previous years. You won’t get any better mileage than you do stock, most likely less. As far as warranty, yes they can tell if a tuner has been hooked up to the truck if they look hard enough. If they figure it out, you warranty is...
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    Please Post Payload Sticker from Driver's Door Jamb.

    Hey Hoff, I keep meaning to ask you but I forget. When you had the factory air bag blow out on your 2500 did you have an overload message On the EVIC when you hooked up the trailer? I am asking because I have not been able to find any information on how much weight you can put in the 2500s and...
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    Please Post Payload Sticker from Driver's Door Jamb.

    My door sticker is more than 300 pounds less than the website shows.
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    DEF Gauge Question ( Longhorn / Limited )

    Minie did another regen yesterday and the gauge was on zero when it started.
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    DEF Gauge Question ( Longhorn / Limited )

    Mine has gone to about 30% when the truck idles for a long time (30 minutes or more) and it has done a regen after being there for a while. It has also done a regen with the gauge still showing 0. I ignore it now.
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    Fuel neck

    The big nozzles fit fine, I have used them many times. I am waiting for Geno’s to come out with their locking cap for the ‘19s.
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    Unloaded Tire Pressure to Ease the Ride

    Your 3500 doesn’t have tire pressure alarms, the 2500s do. I used to run my dually at 65 front and 35 rear when unloaded. I have an air compressor to raise the air pressure for towing.
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    Mud Flap Recommendations

    Duraflap are working great for me and they fit perfect.
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    Can you use the air bag compressor for filling tires with air?

    You would have to modify the air compressor system to do it and that would void your warranty. I hav read on another forum that the air compressor is very small volume and wouldn’t work very well anyway. Buy an ARB or Viair compressor.
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    Worst Nightmare Already

    The is the only numbers I can find on it.
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    how do i questions

    Yes, it does disable the MDS.