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My price was 1390 for 8/85 200 ded I have a 2500 limited diesel 4wd off road . I wanted to see pricing for 3 different options . All you need is send your vin tot he email in the thread and they get back same day. Very easy process.
On Order: 6/17/22 - Status: Confirmed - 22 3500 DRW Laramie MegaCab, Pearl White, HO Cummins, 4.10, Lvl B, Night Edition, Blind Spot, Uconnect 12", Air Suspension, Power Running Boards, Aux Switches, Bed Utility, Towing Prep, Towing Tech Grp B, Protection Grp, Safety Grp B

I am KZX. Was delivered to the port on 2 July 2022. Arrived today, 13 July 2022 at Mark Dodge. I am Line 1333 under the alias 903Based. Thank you for your time.....


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I didn't want to disrupt the thread here is a link to the ceramic coating I will use. I went back and forth between Roar and the Duraslick but chose Roar since it cures in about an hour since I may not be able to get the entire truck into my garage so I may have to do some outside. Terrible suburban garages here.
Don't think shipping date is actually correct. Regardless, confirmed with MD that it is on a rail and inbound. Estimated time to dealer was anywhere from 2-3 weeks from shipping date. Also, my order processed on the 15th and not the 16th for the spreadsheet. Hopefully I can get my truck by the end of this month or early July.


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Hi, has your truck shipped to Denver yet? Just curious since my truck is shipping there as well.
Mines going to council bluffs Iowa on the train then trucked to Nebraska, but it’s still sitting in Mexico.
Hello. Just added mine to the list. Vin 3C63R3PL0NG316187. Ordered 4/8/22. Hoping to have better luck than the last time. I ordered a '21 last June that was never built. This '22 is the 5th truck I've ordered since 2015...fingers crossed.
I'm on line 1119 ordered on 01/29/2022 on the sheet. and I did order Blind Spot Monitoring and a Sunroof. Was wondering why my order is different and there is a ? mark next to the D1?
Thanks for doing this for us this is a long wait and cant put my finger on why mine isn't being built but I know I'm not alone .
Hey just saw this. I put a question mark when I'm not sure of the order status. Looks like you were built a couple days ago. Any word on if the truck has shipped yet?
hola jimmy queria saber si me podrias ayudar a instalar el sistema BLIND SPOT para mi ram 1500 2020 y si tu fabricas los arneses me los puedes vender (perdon mi ingles es una traduccion de google que uso) este es mi correo
I have a 3500 ordered from MD and the distance to ship is about the same as your truck. What was the shipping cost to your area? I am on the fence about picking it up or having it shipped. Thanks!