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Thanks for updating everyone’s orders. Mine is a 2022 2500 Crew Cab Big Horn SRW w/ 6.7 Cummins. Patriot Blue Sport Package w/ level B group, Alpine, Bed prep, no sunroof, and LED group. Just received D1 status today.
OfficerDirtySanchez is there anyway you can find out anymore about the status of my build. Line 18 on your data sheet. Thanks Dmiser
Dealer doesn't seem to know very much. ordered May 11th
On Order: 2022 2500 Dodge Ram Big Horn Crew Cab, Night Edition. Granite Crystal Metallic. Black Interior. 6.4 Anti-Spin, Level C Equip. Sunroof. Protection Group. Premium Lighting Group, Aux Switches, Tow Hooks, Mopar Spray Bedliner, Mopar Trailer Camera Wiring, Vinyl Floor Covering, Wheel to Wheel Side-Steps, LED Bed Lighting, 5.2 Additional Gallons of Gas. Ordered 11/12/2021. Status D1 as of 11/19/2021, Per Dealer

Saw your truck on the forum. I see that you put 285/75/R17 tires on your rig. Any modification needed for the stock rims? Spacers needed, etc. I love the look but also cannot give up any towing capacity as that is what I have my truck for. Go Dually or go home. JimRV Rig.jpg2021 Ram 3500 DRW.jpg
need help with LED headlights. we install LED light bulbs in a 2007 3500 Ram. they seem to work ok with the engine off and headlights on. high and low beam. but after you start the engine they start to flicker and well shut off. does anybody have any info and what else i need to correct this problem?
Please post in one of the forums.
2022 3500 Limited HO/Aisin MC 4x4 DRW Diamond Black Crystal Pearl - On Order 9/15/2021
2022 3500 Limited Longhorn, HO Aisin, 8' Bed, SRW, Pearl While, Cattle / Black interior, All the options ... ordered 11/5/12 ...
Thank you, I just deleted that post until I talk to my dealer, its funny the truck is on their webpage and doesnt say its "in transit",if it is at the dealer Ram sucks with the updating,if its not their yet, then things could be correct. Didnt get much sleep last night seeing my truck on the dealer site because its a sold unit, no display no test drives. I will find out at 9am Michigan time.
Ordered 2022 Big Horn from a dealer. The unit was assigned a VIN#, but seems it is just stagnate in the system. Dealer ordered the truck with Level C Package, but if I go online and do this same build Level C Package is not an option. Can RamCares advise what status my VIN# is at and maybe when I might be able to take delivery? Thanks a Bunch for everything you do!
My window was 10/29-11/12 delivery. That is not happening. I may not see it until after 1/22. You can't even guess at this stuff.
Are you part of the RamCare Team? Can you tell me the difference between Level B Package and Level C Package? Thanks
I'm just a dude like you who is sitting here waiting for my nearly month old truck to actually get onto a train that is moving north towards Pittsburgh. Level B is listed on the build site, level C doesn't exist on there right now.
I'm also in Colorado. Far away, up in the 'Northern Realm' as I like to call it. I placed my order today; Limited Longhorn Crew HO black & chrome. You?
How do I find the list again that shows updates on the trucks being built. I entered my vin # last night. But it doesn't show anything.
Big truck. Narrow road. Love this Power Wagon.
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Like the video, it would be better without the music.
Thanks, I need that kind of input. :)
If you're going to use music, at least subdue it and especially if there's talk/chatter. Nothing worse than not hearing the conversation because of loud or annoying background music.
Just added order for 10/5 Rockman

3500 SRW limited
Trailer tire tpms
High output
Air suspension
Snow chief package
Bright white
Level 1