Ram Launches Luxury Chassis Cab Model Trim For 2019:


Nov 21, 2018
Metro Detroit, Michigan
Ram Launches Luxury Chassis Cab Model Trim For 2019:
Limited Trim Level Now Available On Chassis Cab Models...

For the past several years, Ram owners have been asking the truck brand to offer a more luxurious offering to it’s popular Heavy Duty Chassis Cab lineup. With the truck market growing larger every year, there was a need for a Ram Heavy Duty Chassis Cab model that could provide a luxury level offering to those who need a heavy hauler to tow a $100,000 horse trailer to shows, a luxury offshore powerboat or a large car hauler for those who race on the weekends.

2019 Ram 5500 Limited Crew Cab Chassis Cab with Rancher Upfit. (HDRams).

Well Ram has listened and with the launch of the new much more luxurious 2019 Ram 2500/3500 Heavy Duty pickups, the truck maker has decided to launch the 2019 Ram Heavy Duty Chassis Cabs with a new luxurious Limited trim level. Yes, for the first time Chassis Cab buyers can option their 3500/4500/5500 Chassis Cab truck with the same options that the top-level Ram Heavy Duty pickups have.

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Jan 20, 2019
There are so many good features to the C&C trucks, like 74 gallons of fuel on board, beefier components, 19.5" commercial rubber, etc. It would be even more compelling if you could get the HO 1K Cummins. If they really want to attract the high end buyers they need to offer four corner full air ride suspension, so they don't ride like a lumber wagon. A factory hauler body like the CM ER they had on the 5500 shown in the press photos would be a step toward siphoning off some wavering Freightliner Sport Chassis buyers.

I am in the planning stages right now to upgrade my haul rig.
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