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  1. techman

    3.0 twin turbo Hurricane motor

    Yep, no dipstick on most late model BMW's. It's weird to trust a sensor, but pretty much everything has a sensor these days. Think of how many we have in a modern car. Heck, the windshield washer fluid has a sensor in it! Next there will be a sensor for each sensor to detect when the sensor...
  2. techman

    3.0 twin turbo Hurricane motor

    I have the same engine design in my BMW's. Yes, the carbon build up can be an issue, but as long as you run them hard with sustained RPM periodically, it's not an issue. Lots of idling and crappy fuel will gunk up the back of the valves quickly. Using a oil catch-can on the emissions side can...
  3. techman

    streaming on the 12" screen - has anyone done it?

    I may get trolled for this, but why on earth you do want to watch videos on your truck display? Doesn't anyone look out the window anymore? Is this a generational thing? I assume you are not driving during the movie screening? :confused:
  4. techman

    Satellite reception weak

    When the two companies merged, XM and Sirius they shutdown a lot of satellites. To fill in gaps they use terrestrial repeaters (not exactly satellite radio anymore). Regardless, unless you live in the desert or open plains any satellite connection when you are MOVING is flaky. That's why they...
  5. techman

    Satellite reception weak

    Your antenna could be faulty, so have your dealer run diagnostics on it. It's not unheard of to have a bad one.
  6. techman

    Heater Matrix Death Bolt Thing!

    Amen brother!
  7. techman

    Heater Matrix Death Bolt Thing!

    For those of you contemplating installing something from the folks at Banks, here is their stance on mods and warranty: Q: Will installing a Banks product void my factory warranty? According to the warranty booklet that came with your vehicle the vehicle manufacturer can only deny warranty...
  8. techman

    Heater Matrix Death Bolt Thing!

    N No doubts here. But again, "may", "could", "If" are not absolutes. It's an uphill battle for sure and best to leave them stock for the majority of owners. If you are in the modification game, you probably have access to your own set of repair tools or experts willing to work around...
  9. techman

    Heater Matrix Death Bolt Thing!

    Yep....could be, not will be.
  10. techman

    Heater Matrix Death Bolt Thing!

    That statement is a bit of a broad brush stroke. So, if I have a transmission problem under warranty this intake will void my warranty? Wholistically voiding a warranty is not really a thing. Denying a warranty claim because the repair shop can prove that the aftermarket accessory or...
  11. techman

    Throttle lag

    Just a suggestion, plan your merge maneuvering so it is not last second. We've all been caught with an unexpected need to accelerate quickly, but routinely going WOT to match traffic speed is kind of dangerous. Or if you need instant acceleration, get a Tesla, not a 3.5 ton truck. :)
  12. techman

    Grid Heater RELAY Recall (new)

    I called two weeks ago after I got the "parts available" notice. and the stealer-ship said parts ordered and will call back. Crickets.....
  13. techman

    Old issue but still relevant. Beware!!!

    8 months....7k miles...working fine. I think I had one unplanned reboot.
  14. techman

    Was the early 2022 frequent regen issue resolved

    If you are referring to the problem threads on this message board, the "issues" are more anecdotal and do not represent a large majority. Negative forum posts are more plentiful than positive ones just by nature. If there was a global problem with RAM Diesel emissions equipment you would see...
  15. techman

    Drivetrain rubbing / grinding sensation at slow speed from launch

    Do you have the rear locker option on your truck? That sounds like rear end locking up prematurely when turning. Not sure why the front diff oil change would make it more pronounced. You are in 2 wheel drive mode when this happens, correct?
  16. techman

    2022 regens at 130 miles on mixed city/HWY to work and back

    Be careful, many folks on this forum have gone insane hyper-focusing on that gauge. Just fill it up with decent diesel, avoid idling, and drive, drive, drive! :)
  17. techman

    2022 regens at 130 miles on mixed city/HWY to work and back

    Suggest that you take your truck for a nice long ride at some point during the week and don't idle it. With that said, if you only have a 14 miles commute, you may want to get a commuter car for that short run, like a Toyota/Honda beater.
  18. techman

    Price negotiated from MSRP

    If you have a signed POC, that is the price you should be paying.
  19. techman

    New Ram owner

    Buy your diesel from a reputable and high volume dealer and you will be fine. No need for secret sauce.
  20. techman

    Grid heater

    100+ PSI....maybe that screen might have an ill effect. That would be one big turbo however.