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  1. Darkone

    RECALL: 2020 to 2023 Ram 2500/3500 – Transmission Fluid Leak May Cause Fire:

    From what my dealer told me the dealerships are going to have to recall all the customers that have the short locking dipstick and install the permanent piece. Now this is just what they told me how true it is I don’t know. I chose to wait until they had the permanent piece
  2. Darkone

    What did you do TO your RAM today?

    @Rockcrawlerdude It only works if you read the directions first
  3. Darkone

    King Steering Damper: 275.00 Shipped

    If you won’t mind what’s the reason your selling it?
  4. Darkone

    Dual cube led fog lights for 2019+

    I have those same light brackets and have been dreading taking it back apart to paint them. I think it actually is easier to take the bumper off
  5. Darkone

    Lumpskie's Prospector (Diesel Power Wagon) Build

    Yup that’s the right part number for the bezel. There’s also a different fog light bracket for the halogen lights vs the LED.
  6. Darkone

    What did you do TO your RAM today?

    @mountainears which patterns did you use on your lights?
  7. Darkone

    What are these brackets and can I remove them?

    @jetrinka yea your right on that. Definitely cleans up the look of the front end. I added the CJC intercooler guard to mine along with the compatibility brackets as like @UglyViking said 3500’s aren’t required to have them, and mine didn’t come with them
  8. Darkone

    Do my wheels need to be rebalanced at each rotation?

    I think most shops just rotate they don’t check the tire balance. Unless the owner says something about a vibration.
  9. Darkone

    What are these brackets and can I remove them?

    They are compatibility brackets. In the event of an accident they make sure smaller vehicles don’t go completely under your truck. You can remove them.
  10. Darkone

    2021 RAM 3500 Tradesman | AEV Prospector | FWC Grandby

    You are truly living man. My hats off to you and thanks for taking us along on your journey.
  11. Darkone

    Largest 18" Tire on Stock Set Up

    35x12.50 r18 on a 21 3500 with no lift on stock big horn wheels.
  12. Darkone

    2022 Ram 2500 BH with Bowen Customs flatbed + Total Composites camper build

    I believe it wouldn’t be too hard to retain the factory gooseneck hitch with a Bowen bed. Either on their website or instagram I believe I had read their bed height is the same as factory, so I’m sure they could retain the the holes for the factory hitch. Probably could get really creative and...
  13. Darkone


    Congratulations on retiring enjoy it, and thank you for your service and later support of our military
  14. Darkone

    What did you do TO your RAM today?

    @RamDuty did it come with any reinforcement brackets?
  15. Darkone

    Part number

    No problem yea waiting on parts sucks and everything seems to ship slower these days
  16. Darkone

    Part number

    Here is the part number listed as an m14x1.5x100 6512063AA link to website Bolt Says it works on both the frame and axles side
  17. Darkone

    Stand-alone Hemi 5.7 swap

    I have nothing to add other than a yes vote for a wrangler hemi swap. Of course documented for others to enjoy.
  18. Darkone

    Terrible Towing pics thread

    @H3LZSN1P3R for that kind of money probably could have bought a bigger trailer
  19. Darkone

    Terrible Towing pics thread

    But why? I’ll never understand peoples rationale
  20. Darkone

    Recovery gear storage

    Cross bed toolbox here as well. Keeps things dry and able to carry what I need , well what I think I need with me always.