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    2022 Ram HD Builds and orders - Post and discuss your TRUCK order here! ** NEW USERS READ POST #1 **

    My 2022 Big Horn Cummins w/ night edition will be available for sale Monday at my local dealer. Less than 2,000 miles.
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    GEICO mechanical warranty

    I get it, however based on my experience with them since it is the same company I wouldn't recommend using them.
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    Another reason why I hate dealers...

    I leave a firearm in my truck on the rare occasion that its taken in for service. I have cameras also and going through my compartments without need could be construed (with video) as a felony. I have never had this happen, I would be more concerned about the rambling through your truck more...
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    GEICO mechanical warranty

    I don't trust Geico based on 2 prior not at fault claims. One this year where the female driver was charged with driving with a revoked license & no insurance for the 4th time in less than 18 months. I tailed her, police caught her. I basically had to do all the work for GEICO (who I had an...
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    Hemi vs Cummins

    Don't forget to throw a Porsche styled "Turbo" badge on there.
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    Titan Fuel Tank.... For a HEMI!

    Titan will not do anything for a gasoline powered vehicle. Transfer flow has for Toyota and Ford. I believe Transfer Flow is working on a solution for the 34 gallon tank found on the Ford Super Duty's with a 7.3 and/or equipped with the Tremor package. Emissions and EPA certification is both...
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    Dash Speaker Upgrade

    I've already looked into that; Jimmy told me the molex connectors had a 5-6 month backorder wait time. When I ordered this past June I honestly didn't think the aftermarket would be at almost a snail level of R&D and product release. I typically don't order the "upgraded" audio system but when...
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    Dash Speaker Upgrade

    I could use a LOC/DSP however I trade frequently and keeping it simple with a PnP solution is more favorable for me. While Mopar is better than Ford or Chevy on warranty issues, I would prefer if something fails or has glitches like the UC5 that I don't give them extra causation to deny a repair.
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    PROBLEMS , Cel, Stalling

    That's why the truck comes with a warranty. Mine will be going in again for another unrelated small issue for the second time in less than 750 miles. Low coolant, no mechanical issues they probably just forgot
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    Dash Speaker Upgrade

    Do you or the poster above have a 2022? If not the PAC is not compatible with UConnect5 systems until they release another version. PAC and Jimmy have both confirmed this
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    Active Noise Cancellation on 6.7L

    Could you provide simple instruction for ANC disable through AlfaOBD. I didn't even think about that
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    Active Noise Cancellation on 6.7L

    For 19-21 trucks that's possible, 2022 w UConnect5 has different connectors and Jimmy says they are on a long backorder. I've contacted PAC myself and they said "it wouldn't be any time soon" meaning I would realistically expect a PAC interface in a year or so. The other issue is until all the...
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    Active Noise Cancellation on 6.7L

    I should have clarified. This is on an alpine amplified factory system. I didn't notice any different if it helps, due to the speakers having different low/mid/high ranges; I am either going to have to find time to upgrade the speakers, amp(s) with DSP then add ANC bypass back or leave it...
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    Dash Speaker Upgrade

    The alpines I've heard are both 2 or 3 ohm. I believe they are 3ohm after replacing the dash speakers with infinity 3.5's that are 2ohm. They sound good but are way too bright without upgrading the rest of the audio system. I attempted to replace the rear speakers with infinity 6x9's as well...
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    ANC Bypass harness for UC5 with 12" and Alpine, Anybody install one yet

    It's near the emergency brake not under the seat. It will work. I have the same harness.
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    Active Noise Cancellation on 6.7L

    Harness is available to purchase from different vendors. It's no longer under the seat; located near emergency brake pedal
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    Highway fuel mileage

    This was today, 50F outside. Not flat highway just rolling elevations changes
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    Uconnect 5 FOTA - S21D.5 Release Date 12/22/21

    They fixed it is all I know. I have the B.5 version