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  1. Distillusion

    EPA's 5-year investigation results on diesel pickups

    If you haven't seen it in the news recently, the EPA just completed a study on diesel truck emissions. The study covered medium and heavy duty trucks, 8,500 - 14,000 lb GVWR. The investigation is fallout from the 2015 VW Dieselgate. Findings published indicate that over half a million tons of...
  2. Distillusion

    Show us your RAM Riding Dogs!

    This thread was suggested by DMC1 in another thread. I like the idea. This is Ram-Riding Barley. Belgian Tervuren, age 3. He's got a lot of miles in them, traveling to nearly half the states in the nation so far.
  3. Distillusion

    LED Headlight option

    Some guys have talked in the past about trying to get the higher-trim LED headlights onto the lower-trim models that came with halogens. I just ran across this video about the Morimoto XB headlight sets. Nice features, a sequenced startup and sequential turn signals, plus the Morimotos are...
  4. Distillusion

    An interesting build online, I hope

    You can't get the olive green in night edition. That doesn't make a bit of sense. But the CJC offroad crew got one in sport edition, and is planning to swap out all the chrome components for night edition components. Plus a bunch of other interesting changes. This is the first episode...
  5. Distillusion

    Towing testing by Ram

    Interesting video on Ram's Heavy Duty towing testing. From The Fast Lane Truck channel.