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    I've left the fold....sort of.

    Over ten last several months, my mobility issues have gotten noticeably worse to the point it became a real struggle to enter and exit my truck. I have an underlying neurological issue that causes this and it will not get better. At the end of December it beca e evident I had to make a change...
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    Going to buy travel. trailer before Jan 1

    Well, the stock market was good this year, so I think I'm going to splurge a bit. Probably going to buy one of these two: https://outdoorsrvmfg.com/black-stone-260rlsb/ or this one...... https://outdoorsrvmfg.com/timber-ridge-25rts/ There are advantages to bothe, but either will work for...
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    Diesel gas comparison

    I had the oil changed in my truck this week and drove a new 2500 with a diesel while I waited. I have owned diesels in the past and this one brought back memories. So here are some thoughts on both engines. The diesel is very smooth above idle. It delivers a "turbine" like acceleration, very...
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    Shooting the bull....

    Took a ride in the truck today and "shot" this: Good looking Bull who was not too interested in us. We watched him for 10 minutes or so then he wandered off. It was a beautiful day in the woods!
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    Drove a new Dually today.

    I went to my local candy store today to look at some trucks. I've been having some health issues, bad knees and back, that have made increasingly difficult getting in and out of my truck. I made the statement several months ago that I thought this new 2500 was as tall as my old Power Wagon was...
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    GM is lost.

    Here is a very sad bit of news to me. I grew up on GM HP cars, and this pains me deeply. https://www.foxnews.com/auto/gm-is-discontinuing-the-chevrolet-camaro-report-says GM has completely lost it's way and has no idea of how to stop the bleeding or even understand what people want. It would...
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    My latest mod.

    Installed my latest mod: The reason for the mod is the fact that the dealership left the valve stem caps off when they installed the tires. It really seems that no one pays much attention to detail any more. Can it really be that hard to find employees that care?
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    Ever wonder how your classic Dodge Pickup compares?

    This is a real insight into sales comparisons from days gone by!
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    I'm now Jeepless.

    Today I traded my 2018 JL, for this: It was supposed to be a Plum Crazy Scat Pack, but that deal fell through and I found this one. It's a 2019 Scat Pack with a T/A Package and auto. It really drives nice, it hand,es, and it has 485 hp so it will light the tires! I traded the Jeep...
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    Truck Bed Air Mattress

    I'm thinking about a canopy and one of these for short trips into the woods: https://www.amazon.com/AirBedz-PPI-PV202C-Mattress-Inflated/dp/B007HCCNUY/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=truck+bed+air+mattress&qid=1558562271&refinements=p_85%3A2470955011&rnid=2470954011&rps=1&s=gateway&sr=8-3 Have any of you...
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    10,000 miles now!

    I purchased my truck in Marck and left on vacation the 1st of April. As of today, it has 10,600 miles on it and I have some thoughts. For those who don't know, I have a Tradesman CCSB with no carpet, vinyl seats, PW, TT mirrors, LSD, brake controller, 392, chrome package. It's a loaded...
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    Auburn, Cord, Duesenberg Museum

    Today I had the pleasure,........no the privilige of visiting the Auburn, Cord, Duesenberg Museum in Auburn , IN. It is by far, the best auto museum I have ever seen. The museum is located in the ACD factory administration building on the old factory sight. It was built in the Art Deco...
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    Traveling in my 2019 Tradesman

    We started from NE Oredon 10 days ago and had planned a trip south following RT 66 back to IL. Our 1st night was spent in Provo, UTAH where we were notified that my MIL was in the hospital in IL. The next morning we headed east and made it to central IL the next afternoon. MIL is now out of...
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    Thoughts after 1000 miles

    So far the truck has been virtuallu flawless and I really like it. It is very quiet. We drove a '16 Tradesman yesterday while they installed the running boards. There is no comparison between the two. The '19 rides better, is noticeably more quiet and the fuel economy appears to be about 1...
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    What fits....and what doesn't.

    I have some info on what fits and what doesn't from a 2018 to 2019. I installed a tonneau cover from a 2018 and it fits perfectly. I installed a bed and tailgate map from a 2018 and they fit prfectly. Today I was supposed to get my Amp power running boards installed. They do not fit if you...
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    Gasser fuel economy

    Just got back from the gas station after 300 miles or so yesterday. I'm guessing about 20% around town and the rest interstate at 70 mph. This tank was 14.9 hand calc'd and the first was 15 even. That's about 1 mpg better than my last 2500 with a 392 and 3.73s. And about 1.5 mpg better than...
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    I saw one eastbound on I84 in NE Oregon today. I believe it was a 2500 Tradesman.....White. They are out there.
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    My "Low Buck" Build

    I was lucky enough to stumble on an almost exact copy of the truck I might have ordered. I bought it on the spur of the moment, and have had zero regrets. It's good to be back in a HD truck. I really like functional, inexpensive trucks. I believe that comes from my Granddad....he always had...
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    Got one!

    Stumbled one a 2019 Tradesman yesterday and brought it home!