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    I've left the fold....sort of.

    The new toy: The big ole fat guy is me.
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    I've left the fold....sort of.

    They are not. I swapped the 20s for these when I traded, and had the 285/75 Wildpeaks installed immediately after trading. I'm not a fan of big wheels and Rubber band tires on Forest Service Roads. These do have a slight rub at full lock when the. suspension is in the entry/exit or aero mode...
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    I've left the fold....sort of.

    Over ten last several months, my mobility issues have gotten noticeably worse to the point it became a real struggle to enter and exit my truck. I have an underlying neurological issue that causes this and it will not get better. At the end of December it beca e evident I had to make a change...
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    Max tire size questions stock wheels/lift

    They work fine.....a small rub at full lock with the suspension at the entry/exit and aero levels.
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    Positive Thread!

    I had 19,000 trouble free miles on mine when I traded. It was one of the three best trucks I've ever owned. The other two were the 18 Rebel I traded in on the 19 HD,and the other is the 20 1500 Limited that I traded my 2500 in on. Ram has really stepped up their game over the last 10 years.
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    Max tire size questions stock wheels/lift

    I don't.... DevilDodge is a much nicer person than I am. Can we please keep this discussion civil? Thanks in advance. And to add, I can't help you with any information as to a wider tire that would work as I ran the dreaded 285/75 on mine....
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    Let’s talk brakes!

    Well, this statement. is a real stretch. I had 19,000 miles on mine when I traded it and the brakes were fine....no issues. I know that this is little comfort to you with and your brake issue, but there are thousands and thousands of these trucks on the road with no issues. I hope you get...
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    Going to buy travel. trailer before Jan 1

    If you read the message above, you would realize I am not buying any trailer because I am having real trouble getting in my 2500. I traded for the 15500 to allow easier entry/exit. The new truck is much easier to get in, but it is not meant to tow heavy at all. And I wonder why anyone who...
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    Going to buy travel. trailer before Jan 1

    We were traveling about 120 miles to spend a couple of nights with our oldest son and buy a trailer. I am. becoming more and more disabled and have been having real issues entering my truck....but the trailer was an effort to get out and be active. So this morning I started loading in the...
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    Going to buy travel. trailer before Jan 1

    Well as sometimes happens, life throws a curve ball... More later tonight.
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    Going to buy travel. trailer before Jan 1

    Well, the stock market was good this year, so I think I'm going to splurge a bit. Probably going to buy one of these two: https://outdoorsrvmfg.com/black-stone-260rlsb/ or this one...... https://outdoorsrvmfg.com/timber-ridge-25rts/ There are advantages to bothe, but either will work for...
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    Tires and MPG

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    power wagon real world MPG.

    I. had a '16 PW that was stone cold stock. Not quite apples tp apples because of the 6 VS 8 speed, but it avg'd 13.5 over 14,000 miles hand calc'd.
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    Largest tire size on 18" rim

    I run 285/75-18s on mine. They fit fine with no level no lift.
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    Easy with all the Ads!

    I think this thread has run it's course.... Thread Locked.