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    EPA's 5-year investigation results on diesel pickups

    Exactly. And the EPA is already wise to this. Part of my concern that not only the feds, but also the states will start enforcing harshly on owners. The CLean Air Act made it illegal to tamper with emission controls in 1963. Owners typically haven't been too concerned due to the lack of...
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    Disclaimer: Any CAPITALS or red that might be used in this post are for discussion purposes and should not be considered as shouting or impersonating of staff, they are merely provided as examples. It's funny how the "standard" has evolved. In the old days, computers were limited to caps...
  3. Distillusion

    EPA's 5-year investigation results on diesel pickups

    If you haven't seen it in the news recently, the EPA just completed a study on diesel truck emissions. The study covered medium and heavy duty trucks, 8,500 - 14,000 lb GVWR. The investigation is fallout from the 2015 VW Dieselgate. Findings published indicate that over half a million tons of...
  4. Distillusion

    Stepping up from 1500 after less than a year

    If you think you might down the road want to add any kind of extra systems like a compressor or off road lights that require a switch, I would highly recommend that you order or find a truck with the instrument panel auxiliary switches. It's a really cheap option, only $145. But adding it...
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    Age Poll

    Starting my 7th year in the military at that time.
  6. Distillusion

    First time RAM Owner

    This link usually works to see the original window sticker. Just add your VIN after the = sign at the end of the URL and paste the whole thing into your browser. That way you can see the original options. It works for 2019 and 2020, not sure about earlier years...
  7. Distillusion

    AUH failures

    You, a pilot? pffttt I've done weight and balance calcs a couple of thousand times when I was flying and load planning during my military days. The reason for that exercise is to determine the impact of weight on angular momentum (torque) around the weight centers of the plane. If you don't...
  8. Distillusion

    AUH failures

    You clearly don't have any understanding of math and physics. Especially if you don't understand even simple bridges. You just keep coming up with your own theories, though. Try 'splainin them to 2nd graders, cause they don't work here.
  9. Distillusion

    12v power outlet

    Yeah, it's not uncommon for wire to get a little warm under full rated load. Never hot, though. You might want to try screw-on lugs next time instead of crimp style lugs. Much easier to deal with, plus easy to change out. I have done the crimping, too, using a blunted chisel and hammer to...
  10. Distillusion

    How to add 3rd brake light to a topper on 2020 2500?

    Agreed. It's what I would do. And supply a kit with wire, instructions on where to connect, a bed-mounted jack for quick disconnect, and an optional adapter for those that might have in-bed trailer wiring.
  11. Distillusion

    Age Poll

    In Illinois it's 15 for farm kids, 14 for the learner's permit. But farm kids tend to start driving as soon as they can reach everything, just not on public roads. I was running tractors up and down the road at 12, though.
  12. Distillusion

    AUH failures

    Now you are conflating pin weight and momentum. Pin weight of a trailer will remain centered down on the pin. After all, it's gravity that's pulling it down, not the truck's driving. Momentum of the trailer mass is much greater than pin weight. In my example, you have 10k mass of the...
  13. Distillusion

    AUH failures

    Brutal, I would offer that I just used an imaginary trailer pin weight of 2,000 lbs. (20% of a hypothetical 10,000 lb trailer.) If I recall correctly, TFL used a higher actual pin weight of 3,000 lbs, so the effects of the calculation would be at least 50% higher. Wheelbase difference between...
  14. Distillusion

    AUH failures

    Your private theories of mathematics and physics defy all Newtonian laws. By your own definitions and theories, the weight of a diver standing on a diving board would cause torque backwards away from the pool. Bridges are not rigid bottomed lattices. They are designed with a certain amount...